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Family Promise

Our Program Family Promise of North Idaho

Homeless parents with dependent children represent the height of vulnerability.  Not only do these unfortunate caregivers have to meet the needs of their children, they also need to find the time and resources to get back on their feet.  That is why we have partnered with Family Promise of North Idaho as a host church.

This safety net of food, shelter and support services allows our guests to put their energy into finding work and securing  affordable housing. But most importantly, it provides the safety and security they need for their families while they deal with these temporary difficulties. Through this partnership, roughly 80% of our families succeed in securing some form of housing.

How It Works

Family Promise operates under the model of "hospitality". This model consists of host congregations and support congregations who make up our hospitality network. The host congregations with supplemental help from the support congregations  trade off providing temporary housing and meals to families in crisis. These services are offered freely at no charge to the families. Volunteers from the member churches act as the program "hosts," and families staying in the network are our "guests."

The support and accommodations provided by our hospitality network allows our guests to focus on rebuilding their lives.  We assist this process by offering counseling, daycare, and office facilities.  The program  includes job search assistance and guidance regarding other support services which are available in our area.  The services are delivered through a professionally staffed Day Center which operates daily with the supplemental support of volunteers. Everyone who works with our guests meet their needs with a spirit of warmth and compassion.


For more information visit: www.familypromiseni.org

Of contact us at FPHost@postfallssda.org for more information about this great organization.