Forgiveness: A Time to Forgive


JOIN US - Saturday, May 11 @ 10:00 am

For a full day, four (4) part series on the topic of "Forgiveness."  


Child care provided for ages 3 - 9.



Dr. Darold Bigger is a pastor, a certified social worker, a licensed marriage and family therapist and a university professor.  When Dr. Bigger experienced the ultimate heartache of losing his daughter at the hands of a murderer, he found that all of his knowledge, training and experience did not help him deal with the anger and resentment that were "eating him alive."

"What do you do when your daughter’s been murdered—been stabbed to death—and now is lying in a morgue hundreds of miles away?

"Where was God when the murderer pushed his way into her home and attacked her? Where was He the year before, when, after praying about finding the right place, she moved to that neighborhood and chose that apartment?

"And what does God expect of you now? Jesus said we’re to forgive everyone who sins against us. But in forgiving your daughter’s assailant, aren’t you saying, 'It’s OK; it wasn’t so bad after all?'"

Darold Bigger and his wife Barbara will share with us the story of their daughter’s death and what they went through after it.  Both Dr. Bigger and his wife Barbara will let us into their hearts, lets us see what they were thinking and feeling, and how they finally found what they needed to go from unspeakable grief and anger to forgiveness and healing.

Join us to learn more about the power of forgiveness.  If you need healing for emotional wounds, you will want to hear Dr. and Mrs. Bigger at this one-day seminar.



10:00am - Session 1: “Coping with Tragedy”

Human tragedy has shattered the faith of many faithful.  When our daughter was murdered, our lives crumbled, and our faith shook.  We’ll share what happened to us in the aftermath of Shannon’s murder.

11:20 am - Session 2: “Jesus the Model Forgiver”

Jesus illustrated how to be gracious, generous, kind and gentle on the one hand while still holding evil people accountable for their sins. He provided forgiveness for any who were willing to accept it and live responsibly after being forgiven. Darold uses the phrase “rainy day forgiveness” to describe Jesus’ approach and explores its meaning for us.

12:30 pm - LUNCH (PROVIDED)

2:00 pm - Session 3: “What Kind of God Allows Humans to Suffer?”

Where was God when Shannon was murdered, when tragedies happened to you, when pain, suffering and misery demoralized and devastates us?  Not finding adequate answers to wrenching questions about God’s providence and sovereignty has left many mistrusting God or doubting that He must exists at all.  We’ll talk about what is classified as “theodicy,” meaning how we respond to the question of why a loving God would allow human suffering. We’ll share what restored hope for us, hope at the moment and hope for the future.

3:00 pm - Session 4: “What Science, the Bible and Inmate #263818 have Taught Us about Forgiving”

Scientific research and many religions advocate forgiveness and share some similar ideas on how to make it work.  Christianity presents quite a different approach.  We’ll explore what modern research shows us, look at key Bible passages, and share the story of how God led us to combine our effort with His supernatural and miraculous gifts to accomplish what we could never achieve on our own.    

4:00 pm - Questions & Answers Time



Darold Bigger, PhD, is currently a professor of religion at Walla Walla University.  He teaches in the areas of theology, leadership, counseling, and spiritual development.

He served as a reserve component chaplain for 30 years and was promoted to the rank of rear admiral (lower half).  At his retirement he received the US Navy's highest non-combat award, the Distinguished Service Medal.


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